Welcome to NervGen’s Nerve Matters Blog. First and foremost, you should know that this space isn’t about the science – I’m going to leave that to the people who actually understand the science. This blog is about the story – well, stories.

Every company has a story. But the narrative that shares how a company is built and how a company is born often offer two vastly different perspectives. Pharmaceutical companies, like this one, are built inside laboratories on the shoulders of scientists and advancements in technology along with the business savvy minds of entrepreneurs. But they are born out of purpose. We want to show you our purpose – the reasons behind the science.

When we talk about disease and injury, we often focus on the facts and disconnect from anything personal. But there is a real person behind every diagnosis – with an arsenal of memories and plans for the future. They have families and friends. They parent, go to work, socialize, exercise and binge-watch Netflix, all while simultaneously managing the ongoing symptoms and residual effects of their conditions. Let us tell you their stories.

Keep exploring this blog to meet the people and understand the conditions that motivate this company.

– Codi Darnell

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